Welcome to my galleries.  I’ve been working with rare lenses and other unusual or special equipment for several years.  I will be adding my photos to the galleries below, and there are many more galleries and articles to come.  Watch my blog postings and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Many of these lenses have special properties such as large maximum aperture, very high resolution, or apochromatic design.  Some of these lenses are extremely hard to find, originally used for industrial purposes where precise specifications and tolerances were required.  The photos of lenses and other gear are provided to aid in identification, and to show their application in various configurations.  I am not a collector, but have a fascination with using special lenses and other gear.  Of primary interest to me is how these lenses perform and the results they produce.

If you have any comments or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.  I am available for photography assignments, consulting and instruction.  Special adapters can be machined to custom specifications upon request.  Fine-art archival limited edition prints are also available, please inquire if interested.

Dion Manastyrski


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