Professional Services


•  Photography assignment: documentary, science, environment, commercial, industrial, architecture.

•  Photography, close-up: jewelry, small product, food photography.

•  Photography, science and industry: documentary, landscapes, industrial processes, high-resolution macro photography.

•  Photography consulting: general and specialized equipment, micro & macro photography, high-resolution.

•  Photography instruction: private or group, broad range of topics, classroom and field trips.

•  Macintosh computer instruction, consulting, configuration and setup.  Photoshop and Lightroom, digital imaging, workflow and file management.

•  Film scanning, retouching, archival prints, and digital archiving, data storage

•  Custom metal lathe work, lens mounting and adaptations.

Commercial & architectural photography by Dion Manastyrski can be viewed here:

Prairies book project by Dion Manastyrski can be viewed here:

Forest biology research photography by Dion Manastyrski will be transferred to this website, but can be viewed at the 2005 website:



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